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Definitely not like a woman who does this for a living. I laugh quietly at myself and turn the faucet on. I splash some cold water on my face and reach for the towel. My cheeks are slightly flushed and my lips are blood red. I’ve never used makeup. It gets in the way. I try to summon up some courage as I smooth down my gray dress. I know I’m attractive, but I still doubt my abilities in the sack even after all this time. As I turn I feel the floor move under me. I grip the edge of the sink as quickly as I can to steady myself but I still feel like I’m falling. My heart is racing and I’m beginning to sweat. I grip the doorknob and open it to call for help but all I can do is let out a strangled sob as I fall to the ground. My body won’t respond to my commands to get up. I hear Paul walk over towards me. I look up but it isn’t Paul. I try to scream but a tiny whimper escapes instead. ‘Hello, Evie. I knew I’d find you.’ Liam squats down next to me and grabs my chin. ‘You’re probably. She smiled again, almost giggled of a laughter saying “you are crazy, I am not like that, and I am not interested in girls at all” I smiled saying “what a waste, I would have enjoyed your gorgeous body, besides you would have indulged the total odor and smell of your son all over my body, he did not leave an inch of my body without touching it, kissing it, licking it or fucking it, he even fucked me in the ass”I was flirting with her by all means and trying to go deeper, especially when I lifted my skirt up revealing my bare pussy and saying “did you know that your son kept my panties and he would not let me have them back, making me go home pantie less, he walked out of here sniffing them then placed them in his pocket, you could check his pockets and find my panties if you want?”She was giggling louder this time, but she was looking at my pussy, did not even move her eye sight away, she said “you are a naughty girl, but a good looking one, did you say he fucked you good, how much.
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