Young Mallu Maid Enjoyed By Her Boss’ Son mp4

This hot girl from Kerala works in a home as a maid at Bihar. She looks very hot and sexy for her age. Since her boss’s son do not have any girlfriend, he lusts for his maid. So does his father. But she likes her owner’s son than him since both belong to the same age group. He spends some money on her like buying some gifts and clothes to seduce her. Finally, he takes her to the spa and does a big makeover. After grooming her, he takes his mallu maid to his guest house.

Without anyone’s knowledge, he takes her inside and makes her lie on the bed. Slowly, he comes to her legs and pulls her skirt up. Meanwhile, she opens her blouse and hugs him tight. He starts to suck her body from head to toe. She feels ticklish when she begins to suck her sexy pussy and blushes.

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