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Vaguely concerned that he was, perhaps, enjoying himself a little too much, Pete pushed such doubts aside, raining down smack after smack as he watched her bottom turn from its natural pale shade to a light red, then progress to a deeper crimson.Finally, his own shoulder getting tired, and his hand tingling, Pete eased off the pace, then stopped, feeling the heat radiating from her poor punished bottom as he kept massaging and kneading at it for a little while longer. He saw tears streaking Kimberly’s face, her eyes were squeezed tight, and she was chewing at her lower lip... but he also noticed that her pussy appeared to be nice and wet. His right hand being so close anyway as it felt across her bum, on a whim he slipped it down, to probe into her, feeling for the pearl of her clit. When he found it Kimberly bucked harder than she had even under the spanking, as if he’d sent a jolt of electricity through her, and he laughed as he had to press harder with his left hand to keep her. Not a square inch of her body was spared - even her face was covered in welts. She was forced to spread herself with her fingers so her abusers could focus their blows directly on her asshole and cunt. They finished up by working her over with fists and boots. By the time Tulsa's punishment beating was over, she had several broken ribs, a fractured nose, both earlobes sliced nearly in half, and a piece of her labia missing. Thanks to the drugs she'd been injected with prior to the beating, she felt every little bit of pain associated with it. She would be given no relief, no anaesthetic during her reconstructive surgery, no pain killers to relieve the agony she was in.Tulsa spent the next month in recovery, having minor operations to repair the damage done to her body. While the doctors were working on her nose, they modified her facial structure slightly, giving her a younger, sexier appearance. Her labium, both inner and outer, were slightly lengthened, as was her clitoris. And,.
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