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’ I thank the tender and head back to the lounge. On the way, I hear the whine of a plane’s turbines and glance up, seeing it’s close enough to read the tail number. Checking the note I’d made, I notice it’s your plane. I immediately become a bit more nervous, but figure at the very least I am about to enjoy dinner in the company of a beautiful lady in a Utopian setting tonight- what more can a man ask for? A crowd gathers at the receiving area of the strip, which is nothing more than a yellow line painted on the macadam. I’m so intent on trying to pick you out of the 40 people who file out of the plane that I’ve not noticed the band set up behind the receiving area until they break into a rousing rendition of ‘Cecilia’ using timpani and steel drums. Looking back at the band for a bit, I enjoy the music and start to sway, losing my inhibitions and self-conscious manner in the beautiful music floating through the steamy tropical air. This truly is an assault on my senses, and I intend. I was about to get up and put a stop to it when the entire hall broke out in applause. Everyone had risen to their feet and was cheering my new wife and Ray as they kissed as deep and long as I had ever kissed her. I slumped into my seat again, dumbfounded. Holly's sister took the microphone as the song came to an end. "Thanks very much to Ray for being here to accept his right of the first dance with the new bride." Applause all around. "Ok, I guess we've reached the point in the festivities that you've all been waiting for so we won't make you wait any longer. Bridesmaids, go ahead and do your thing!" With that, a thunderous round of applause arose as the music started again and three of my wife's five bridesmaids, all dressed in their pink satiny dresses, approached the head table and then got on their knees to crawl underneath. I had no time to think about them however as the other two walked over to where my wife and her dark dance partner were standing.One of them lifted.
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