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I was nervous about starting a new relationship, especially since I had yet to tie up the strings of the one I was just in. But something inside of me was whispering to give it a try, to take a chance and see what might happen. I told myself that if he asked again, I would say yes. And that if he didn’t I would take the bull by the horns and do it myself. At least I hoped I could summon the courage, thoughts of rejection seemed to permanently lurk in my mind even though I doubted he would say no. I waited a week, until we were having a phone conversation, a fairly new development, and at a rare break in the conversation, I blurted out that I thought we should hang out. My heart was beating super fast and the seconds it took him to reply felt a like a million years. The ‘sure’ he replied was said in a casual but cheerful way and relief immediately flooded my brain. The tone of the conversation took on an excited one as we made plans to have dinner at the end of the week. After that. .....” she was almost gurgling out her words. “Unnggghhhh....I...want you to.....aaahhhh........shoot your load.........oooohhhhaaaaahhhhh........in my mouth......aaaarrrrrgghhh – you're so fucking good!!!!' Heidi squealed!Jim took the hint – he was ready to blow his top. He pushed Heidi's sweaty body down off of him onto her back on the lawn and she landed limply with a “..ungh....aahh....Give it to me.....yessss.....” Jim rolled over, straddled her torso, and mover up to her head. He put a knee above each of her shoulders, and used his hands to guide his pulsing dick into her mouth. Heidi eagerly moved her head and mouth up to engulf his gloriously-fat cock-head. Jim used both his hands to pull her head up pushing his cock deeper into her mouth and throat. “Take it – suck it, eat it!!! All of it!!! I'm cumming!!!!”Jim really didn't care about her comfort level at this point, he only cared that his cock was in her mouth, and his cum was moving up from his big balls and would soon be.
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