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Last time, when I was home, I saw a horse, couple of cows, 2—3 sheep, maybe a dozen of ducks in the pond and a dozen of hens and the roosters. I remember, I had bought a tiny, furry puppy and now it was a fully grown female dog serving as a watch dog mostly against the predatory animals. My dad had named her Roxy. I was not allowed to keep a pet in the dormitory and although I had bought Roxy as a little puppy, I could not develop much relationship with dogs. Every time when I came home, I could not remember Roxy and sometimes, I did not go back in the stable to see her until it was a day or two already. Now, when my mom asked me to go back to bring some eggs home, I immediately remembered Roxy. An all-white, Shepherd with glowing fur, tall and very active dog. I rushed back to the stable area. As I entered the backyard, there was a little commotion. The sheep ran away, the ducks in the pond started quaking, the hens, though in the cages, started the panic run. I noticed Roxy at a. "To be honest miss, I don't know where I'm going right now." I replied, which was the honest truth."Well, wherever it is, you want to get out of this rain, you'll catch you're death out here." Thank you miss."I got into the strangers car, something I'd never done before, and something everyone from my parents to my teachers to the hand puppets on TV tell you not to do, but it was raining heavily, and she was right, I'd catch my death of cold if I stayed out here much longer."Here," said the stranger, "put this blanket around you to keep you warm."I did as she said, and almost immediately started to feel better. We talked for a while, and I told her everything that had happened since my birthday, about how my parents had been in a car accident, the children's home and the funeral. She was sympathetic, but not overly, which was a refreshing change of late."I'm sorry, I completely forgot my manners, there's a thermos just by your feet with some tea in it if you'd like some." Thanks,.
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