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The head turned to Suchi: "if Ayesha isn't certain about her virginity, perhaps we could all benefit from an examination of the female anatomy".Iqra held the erect blue penis out of the way, while Suchi held her lips apart to display her soft inner pink flesh. "This clump of nerve endings at the top under its hood is the clitoris - that gives the most pleasure when you masturbate. Next down is the pee-hole, proper name urethra and finally the vagina - that's where the penis goes in and babies come out"."What about the hymen" asked Iqra "that's what makes a virgin"."Yes girls" replied the Head "Suchi was just getting to that - it's a thin membrane across the entrance to the vagina that ruptures when you first insert a penis or a dildo, or sometimes just breaks when you've ridden a horse or bicycle".Suchi turned on her internal illumination to give the astounded students a clear view right up to her cervix, then toggled the button to repair her hymen back to its virgin state to clearly. “But what are we going to do with this lout?” “I did wonder about turning him into our slave. W e could keep him sedated, you could use his cock whenever you wanted.” He paused, looking deep into her eyes and he saw the anxiety rising. “Only joking love. I’ll bring his car around the back, we’ll put him in it, drive it off somewhere and let him sleep this off.” “Will that work, won’t he just come back mad?” “I’ll give him a dose of diazepam as well, that tends to suppress memory." Vee wrapped her arms around Ralph’s neck and kissed him, her tongue pressing deep into his mouth. “He’ll be heavy.” “I may be a nerd with a small cock, but I do go to the gym. Anyway we have tools.” “Okay,” she said, “I’ll move the car and you get the drug.” “I dare you to drive it dressed like that.” “You’re on,” she said as she dashed out of the door. “But Vee, you don’t even know where his car is...” His voice was lost in the clatter of her heels as she ran down the corridor laughing. "I hope he didn’t.
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