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I knew better, but I lost control. I am sorry. I took what should have been the most beautiful experience of my life, with the most beautiful girl I can imagine, and I screwed it up. I am sorry.” Stephen was looking down, at the floor, not at me, as he spoke.“Stephen, thank you for saying that. I mean it. I appreciate what you are saying, but we were both foolish and we were both at fault. I should not have placed you in that position in the first place. You are too inexperienced to know exactly how to handle situations like this. I should have never put you in that situation.”I was nervous and I was repeating myself as I searched for the words to express my many thoughts and emotions. I felt conflicted. I needed to emphasize the seriousness of the situation without chastising him too severely.“Cindy, I really want to ‘be with you’, but I want to do it the right way.” He paused as he collected his thoughts. “But if after this morning, if you never want to be with me again, I won’t. "I gestured for her to come into the house and I led her through to the kitchen where I also keep a wooden dining table and chairs which I use when I'm eating on my own. My work papers were spread across the table so I quickly pushed them into a pile and dumped them on the side."Let me get you a drink Cindy, and please sit down." Thank you Mr Matthews, I really need a drink. Can I have a coffee?"She seemed to calming down a bit now, although I was feeling a bit awkward with the obviously sexy young girl in my house. Especially because she had figured in so many of my dreams and fantasies.I turned round and started to make the coffee for Cindy whilst trying to find out what was wrong with her tonight. "How come you don't have your key, Cindy?" Oh, I wasn't going to be home so early because I'd gone out to a party and my parents weren't picking me up until eleven. But I had to leave early." Why did you have to leave?" I asked her."Oh, boyfriend trouble. It is just..." and she left her.
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