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"Kinda sad that you end up making the breakfast even though I should." she said a few weeks ago as I poured syrup on her plate.I grinned."Its okay mom! You work hard to make sure we have money for the breakfast." "I know. But I don't make nearly enough now." Its enough for us mother" I said patting her hand.The sweet smell of batter brought me back. She was already coming down the stairs. I scurried around putting everything on the table.I heard her walk to the living room and open the door. In a few seconds she appeared in the kitchen and sat down heavily on table.I smiled at her. My mother was 49 and her body had acquired matronly proportions you would expect from a woman her age. Her face was round with big beautiful brown eyes that looked wonderful with her dark hair, small pretty nose and full lips. Her neck was slender even though it had several wrinkles and loose skin that showed signs of her age.Her tits were so large that she just placed them on the table. The 44FF cups were. ‘Don’t do that!’ The girl hissed. ‘I’m letting you out,’ said Eldrian. For wont of anything better to say, he cut straight to the point. A second passed before the girl replied. ‘You’re what? Why?’ ‘Yoled needs you.’ ‘I told you, I can’t unless—’ ‘I know. Stand up, let me try to unlock them.’ ‘With what?’ asked the girl as she slid out from the blankets and adjusted her night robe. ‘My magic.’ Eldrian raised his hands but she grabbed them. ‘No. These won’t let you.’ She turned her head left and right to show off the runes on each ear that glowed a soft blue. ‘Then we’ll try something else.’ Eldrian took the girl’s hand and pulled. ‘Where are we going?’ she whispered. ‘To find the key.’ === The going had been slow before but it felt relentless compared to their new pace. The girl could barely see with her earmuffs on so leading her downstairs and through the hallways, without making a sound, took eons. It didn’t help that she couldn’t hear her own steps. Eldrian flinched.
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