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Who are you?”“Park Chin-sun,” she replied with a tiny smile. “You may call me Chin-sun, Erickson Ssi.”Recognizing the honorific, Scott answered, “And you can call me Scott.”“Scott,” Chin-sun nodded. “Thank you ... you saved my life.”“I’m just happy you’re safe.”In spite of Chin-sun’s injuries, Scott was struck by her beauty. She appeared two or three years younger than him, perhaps twenty or twenty-one, with a youthful face and a warm smile. Her skin was a gorgeous shade of porcelain, standing in stark contrast to her long black hair, which was tied into a low ponytail with a red ribbon. This suggested that she came from a relatively wealthy family by North Korean standards. The notion was further reinforced by the fact that she did not appear malnourished in the least; her body was fit and toned. This brought about an ominous realization in Scott’s mind: if someone so affluent wanted to defect from North Korea so badly, things there must be worse than he had ever imagined. At that. A wide smile spread across his face. He beckoned her, and she entered, pushing the door closed without turning her back to him. Steven looked her up and down slowly and deliberately, taking in each curve of her body, and each gesture she made with her pristine appearance. Her shoes were strappy black heels with a platform toe making her tall. Above them, she revealed enough of her calves for him to see that she wore sheer black stockings. Her wrap around skirt was made of dark velvet which clung to her curves like a second skin. He followed the lines of her hips and noticed the fastening at her slim waist; one button held the skirt in place. A tight black cross over top covered her wonderful heavy tits, firm and thrusting, and her shining blonde hair was swept behind her shoulders. She stared back at him through deep blue eyes, smouldering with defiance and lust, and pouted her glossy pink lips. “Good!” Steven smiled. “You’re here. Thought you might wimp out on me!” “As pitiful.
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