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Everyday. I think it’s kind of weird, honestly--and even pedophilic--but just a little. Plus, I don’t like it when I’m in a room with someone and they aren’t paying attention to me. Karajan is the only one in the whole world who doesn’t pay attention to me. It makes me confused, and sad.But I know how to get his attention.“Daddy?”Karajan is picking me up now with both arms, and I wrap my long slender arms around his neck. I'm sad--Karajan isn't even angry; When he's angry I know he loves me, and that time I really really I deserved it! Now he takes me down to his basement. Down in his basement is where he ties me up. He takes his time with it and uses lots and lots of rope. I know he enjoys it, though he pretends not to, and it makes me feel super special. Like I’m his little bird, or his angel, that he doesn’t want to let go of.He prepares a serum and sticks a needle in my arm that I know will make me sleepy. Then he puts on nice music for me to listen to that helps me. Regardless, as long as she was there, I was giving her more and more attention time, and this both angered me for leading my attention astray, as well as arousing me for leading my attention astray. It was two days before deadline, and I was hopelessly behind, reduced to a ball of nerves, or, a blueball of nerves. In the last day or two she had taken to stretching out on a yoga mat. This really slowed down work. She was nimble, her long, thin, preying mantis legs spreading into an insanely wide “V” as she raised her tight ass high up in the air, and then swoop her long, lithe frame down, down towards the mat like a bird of prey, rearing her head up again so that her long, shining back was now arched, and repeat. It was in the middle of these swooping exercises that I saw something that I will never forget for the rest of my life. The roof door opened, and a man came out, dressed in black slacks and white shirt. I figured it was some office stooge on his work hour. However, upon.
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