I’ll probably have to do a lot of updating.’ …25%…26%… ‘It’s interesting. No matter how often I have studied this file, I still find and learn from my former mistakes, some of which I had forgotten about. This to me is sort of similar to looking at an old family photo album.’ …34%…35%…36%… ‘When one starts out to build an empire, such as I have, one is surprised at their own accomplishments, failures, the friends they make, and (especially surprising to me) the enemies they make.’ …47%…48%…49%…50%… ‘Sometimes enemies come up out of nowhere, unexpectedly as if out of thin air. They’ll throw up new and unexpected challenges and obstacles, and if those new challenges and obstacles don’t sideline your best laid plans, then they are mostly overcome by what sometimes seems to appears to be shear luck.’ …74%…75%…76%… ‘If my memory serves me correctly, which it better, since I’ve got a photographic memory, this was a beginning of a long range plan, and it was set back for awhile due to. And my adolescent curiosity for sex had been stoked like crazy.The next night I got to sleep next to her. Naturally all I thought of was to touch ker naked body. Somehow. So seeing little light coming from the window, I inched closer to her. She was wearing a nightie and it had slipped till her knees. I took a deep breath and tried to pull it down a little. Once I did it, I felt bloody happy and repeated my act till the bloody thing came down to half of her deliciously creamy thighs.My mother has beautiful flawless white cream skin. After hours of effort, I had got the gown that down. Then with all my courage, I touched her thigh trembling. It felt hotter than a furnace. Contact was made. My heart skipped many beats. And even in dark, I must have gone loody red with sexual excitement. But my ecstasy was short lived. She coughed and slid the damn thing back. I had no option but to sleep off. But I had thought of doing better the next night.Next night came. Same position on bed. Same.
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