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They had registered for the tournament, had demurred on participating in Thursday's pro-am event, and had made arrangements to practice, Thursday, at another club in town to avoid the pro-am congestion the day before the tournament was to begin.They would, of course, still play a practice round at Beaver Meadow on Wednesday."You probably will have to stop calling me 'Kim' here," Kim Young Sun told Tess, laughing. There are many, many Korean women on the Tour, and quite a few of us have 'Kim' as part of our name. I even met a girl, on the tour, from somewhere in South America, and her name was 'Maria Kim.'" I noticed there were lots of Korean women," Tess agreed. "Why have so many come over?" The same as you," Kim told her. "Opportunity. There are few golf tours in all the world, for women. It is difficult to make one's way to the LPGA tour. This is one of the best places for us to begin, the same as you." Did you notice," Tess said, "a Korean woman won here, last year?" Kyeong Bae,". We had no issues and they were sitting next to us. The girl was sitting opposite to me and the guy was sitting next to me. They were having their pet talk and we were having ours. After a few hours a couple of my colleagues left, so me and my other friend was continuing. As we have been drinking for a while we were getting tipsy and were making jokes and laughing. Then we slowly started to have conversation with this Indian couple, his name was Rahul and she was Janaki. We all were sharing a few conversations about cricket and work. Only then I had a look at this girl, she was in work wear and she looked pretty, they both were husband and wife and they recently moved to Melbourne. Since they recently moved to Melbourne, I volunteered and said if they need any help around, please feel free to contact me, they both were so happy to hear that and immediately exchanged our mobile numbers. Janaki said we should keep in regular touch, I said yes and we left the pub. Rahul used to call me.
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